Newborn Emily at Home

Dear Emily,
While you let me know that you were not interested in having your photo taken, I have to tell you that this is a battle you will not win. You have clearly arrived into this world with a strong spirit (which by-the-way, only makes me like you more). I am looking forward to a lifetime of taking your picture, so get used to it kid – you can’t shake me that easily!
Big Hugs and Smoochie Kisses,
I call this the 'Watching Football on the Couch with my Dad' pose.
Behind The Scenes…

From Brazil With Love

Erika bought her parents the gift of photos with their granddaughters so when they head home to Brazil, they will have a lasting memory to take with them. They loved it! We took these behind the Hilton on the shore of Mission Bay.

Sometimes the stars (or in this case the sun, sand and surf) all align…

Sometimes the stars (or in this case the sun, sand and surf) all align to make the world seem just perfect for a minute. Tracey & Andrew’s family (yes, this is a real family and not paid models) joined me at The Shack on Windansea Beach in stunning La Jolla to capture their family holiday photos. What a joy it was for me.

Bernardo Winery & Ranch

Happiness is ~ ~ ~ hanging out with the Roppe’s. And this morning in particular, we spent at Bernardo Winery taking advantage of their fall leaves and old barn wood walls. Besides photos, we spent time getting giddy over the fact that LAURA’S BOOK, “ROCK’N THE PINK” IS NOW AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER THROUGH AMAZON. HOLY AWESOMENESS!!! I wish that I had a dollar for every time Laura gave me goosebumps.

Family Holiday Photos with an Urban Twist

So, we took this in Pacific Beach, but you would not know it from the looks of things. We borrowed the exterior of Urban Outfitters for our family portrait photo session.

Family Portraits at the Winery

Last weekend was such a blast for me. I got to work with several of my families that are also personal friends, and who have helped me hone my photo skills over the years. We hit up Bernardo Winery, with their cool barns, vineyards, cobblestone walkways and fall leaves to serve as the backdrop. I am SO glad that we did!

Double Trouble

Family Holiday Card Photos at the Pacific Beach Pier.

Family Portraits

We intended to take these on the beach, but as happens often with children, they have other plans. Ha, ha! I think that it all worked out for the best actually, as the lighting in the shade provided us with some beautiful portraits!